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Hi, my name is Nicholas and I know how to take your expert, unique experience in a given knowledge area or industry and package those experiences to build online communities (Tribes) that earn you trust & money.

What is my biggest passion?

To help people share their knowledge online (and get rich doing this). I believe every person has amazing knowledge, skills and experiences the world is hungry to learn from and pay for.

I understand the Internet and in my opinion the Internet really is the only medium to share your experience and reach an audience of thousands and maybe millions.

Why am I passionate about this?

Because it really gets me in the gut when amazing people leave this earth and their knowledge goes away with them. I realise that people share their knowledge with others, but in a real world scenario this sharing is limited. I want you to be able to share your voice with the world and earn heaps of money from your knowledge if you choose to.

Online experience sharing is still in its infancy. I am working to be a trail blazer in this space and make true experience sharing a possibility in the Internet space.

Let’s start small and use what exists today on the Internet to get going.

Most people want to share their experience and their voice with the world but just do not understand how to use the different Internet mediums to share their voice. The fear of the unknown is a reality; I aim to take that fear away for you.

What about earning money from sharing?

If you choose to earn money for yourself, your children that is possible. I am going to be very frank with you, money is a natural by-product of sharing your experience in an open, giving, and no strings attached way.

If you plan on chasing the money first, forget about it, just stop now and come back when you are ready. Give away much and earn money from selected products and services packaged using your unique experiences.

Once you are sharing openly and regularly and people know about you and trust you, they will easily pay you for access to premium knowledge and experience.

The process work as follows:

  • Share effectively on the Internet
  • Be able to capture relationships
  • Build a strong relationship through sharing
  • Earn money from that trust
  • Expand by creating your own products if you want to

Let’s start step-by-step:

  • Know what you want to share about, clearly define your passion
  • Create your OWN blog, do not use free website systems
  • Create your highly targeted list of keywords
  • Create content using your highly targeted keyword list
  • Identify the places your tribe (people with the same passion) hangs out online
  • Start building your email list and start communicating regularly
  • Use social media effectively to grow your tribe
  • Create your own product if you want to

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I am involved in many different places.

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Here is list of links to the different online spaces I am involved with.

My Business Space

Working with industry experts

I work with industry experts and help them refine and package their knowledge into processes and products. Most of these processes and products are developed for internal company and project use.

We are currently streamlining a process to take expert knowledge online in a simple and user friendly manner.

The Career Maker System

Working with local business


We help local business owners use the true power of Internet Systemization, Internet Marketing and Social Media to grow their local business.

We focus on systemizing your local business to set your business up for growth. Then we help you use the power of search engine optimization and social media to get more of the right leads and turn them into raving fans.

My Linked-In Profile

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